100% free IQ test. AccurIQ™ in option.

Answer as accurate and as fast as possible to get a good score. This test is 100% free. To get your score, you will be invited to share our link on social networks and we will send your IQ score instantly when only 1 person has clicked. This test is 100% free, we remember it but if you want to get a much more accurate score thanks to our AccurIQ™ algorithm, you will be requested to call or sms an overcharged phone number that approximatively represents the price of a beer.

AccurIQ™, our accurate IQ Algorithm

An IQ score is worthless if this result is not compared with people your age. According to new tests taken by people your age, we calculate your IQ score based on performance (time and precision) of others your age in order to make the assessment of your IQ accurate and reliable. In addition, we assign a score based on the scientifically respected Wechsler Scale where 100 is the average IQ with a standard deviation of 15. AccurIQ™ is a pioneering and original solution to calculate IQ.

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