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AccurIQTM, our accurate IQ Algorithm

An IQ score is worthless if this result is not compared with people your age. According to new tests taken by people your age, we calculate your IQ score based on performance (time and precision) of others your age in order to make the assessment of your IQ accurate and reliable. In addition, we assign a score based on the scientifically respected Wechsler Scale where 100 is the average IQ with a standard deviation of 15. AccurIQ is a pioneering and original solution to calculate IQ.


Large representative panel

With 8024 people validly assessed, from 112 countries and all ages, our representative panel, updated hourly, will help assess each time more precisely the IQ of our members.


Get your IQ certificate !

You can generate your own IQ certificate in one click with your name, IQ and date written on it.


Reports, charts, FAQs, docs to better interpret your IQ score

A score is meaningless without explanation. To better determine your real intelligence, we give you 7 pages of analysis containing the following: Summary of the IQ test, FAQ on IQ, IQ test results, IQ statistics comparing yourself to people your age, your country and the world on 20 criteria.


Assessment of your personality

To confirm a presumption, your IQ measured by our test must be validated by an assessment of your personality, second fundamental component to determine the level of your intelligence. With our study work of 13 pages (The professional life of the gifted adult), entirely done by best IQ test and 5 checklists of characteristics representing 5 levels of intelligence, you will get supplemental indicators and a more reliable score.


Assess different facets of your intelligence with our quality questions

In order to assess real intellectual abilities and not the ability to perform tests, we added various original and unexpected questions to our database of standard questions. These questions are able to assess different kinds of intelligence. Because our vision is to provide a global comparison of intellectual abilities, we do not include questions that have to do with linguistic or regional disparities.


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AccurIQTM, our accurate IQ Algorithm
An IQ score is worthless if this result is not compared with people your age. According to new tests taken by people your age, we calculate your IQ score based on performance (time and precision) of others your age in order to make the assessment of your IQ accurate and reliable. In addition, we assign a score based on the scientifically respected Wechsler Scale where 100 is the average IQ with a standard deviation of 15. AccurIQ is a pioneering and original solution to calculate IQ.

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Highest IQ of the day 111
Smartest countries in the world Smartest countries in the world (minimum panel of 100 tests per country)
This graph measures, according to statistics from our database updated hourly, average IQs by taking only into account countries that have a relatively low minimum representative panel.

IQ: What's the definition of IQ ?

IQ is the abreviation of Intelligence Quotient. We generally say that IQ is a result used to evaluate what's your intelligence degree.

Origin of IQ Tests

Online IQ tests basically found their origin in England and France. In the nineteenth century, Sir Francis Galton, a british scientist, tried to discover the relationship between heredity and human ability. At the same time, in France, Alfred Binet, a psychologist, was commissioned by the French government to differentiate a children who has normal intellectual abilities from one who has difficulties. The Binet Test was created. After that, Intelligence testing was becoming really popular, especially in the U.S. Today, we can easily confirm this popularity by searching for online intelligence tests on the web and see how many IQ tests there are, accurate and not accurate.

IQ: What's the average ?

130+: Very superior
Only 2.5% percent of the global population has 130 IQ and more. When you get 130 and more or, according to Mensa high IQ association, 132+, you are what we refer to as: a gifted person. People with this level of Intelligence Quotient possess high level of comprehension, strong cerebral reasoning, higher creative aptitudes. They can be scientists, top manager, successfull entrepreneur, and more. People with high IQ levels are very concerned in morality, the sens of the life, justice. They often are perfectionist.

120-129: Superior
6.5 percent of the population has this IQ level. They possess superior reasoning aptitudes. They can achieve high level things.

110-119:High average(High Intelligence)
Almost 1/5 of the global population possess aptitudes that are a bit higher than Intelligence average. (exact percentage: 16%). They are good employees. We can find people with this IQ level in these fields: sellers, commercials, manager.

90-109: Intelligence Average
People with this level are the average. 50%

80-89:Low average (16%)
They are 16% of the global population. We find these kinds of people in repetitive jobs where creativity is not a priority.

70-79: Intellectually Deficient
They don't have a mental handicap, but often need help to fulfill their professional obligations. 6.5 percent of population.

Below 70: Mental handicap
They represent 2.5% of the global population but tend to be less present when we see abortion evolution.

Understanding online iq tests results

It's not easy to understand online intelligence test scores. One's with a high IQ can be less efficient than one with a low IQ result. Job success is not necessarily related to a high IQ. Online iq tests can quite accurately determine your intelligence level in comparison with other people. We must say that online intelligence tests can be a good indicator but in any cases can replace a personal analysis done by a professional psychologist. If you take the IQ result you get online and go after to a psychologist specialised in the gifed comprehension, you will better know how smart you are. After completing an online intelligence test, you will generally get a numerical value where 100 is the intelligence average.

Criteria to classify online intelligence tests

As you can see when you browse the web, we count a lot of online iq tests. We can establish different classifications:

Free iq tests vs Paid iq tests
Free IQ tests can be found not only on the web but also on magazines and other funny or pseudo-scientific journals. Online paid IQ tests, in a lot of cases, don't cost a lot. Really often, it's the price of one to three cups of coffee in a typical european country. Generally, you will get more accurate results if you choose a paid IQ test. To speak clearly, the new version of our IQ test is a very accurate IQ test but not only. We have redefined online IQ testing by providing a sophisticated analysis of your IQ and gifts worth 500$+. We today cannot find an online intelligence test that can reach the same accuracy of intelligence assessment done by a psychologist.

Different kinds of intelligence tested
We find global IQ tests. They assess many kind of intelligence with a variety of questions. Our IQ test is one of them.

Length of Online iq test
We find very unuseful IQ tests that contains less than 10 questions. Unless the algorithm is sophisticated and IQ test possess varied types of questions, do not take them. You will loose your time. Online intelligence tests that contains 25 or more are not perfect, but are typically what we can find today. That's a reasonable deal.

Intelligence score displaying
Some IQ testing websites show your intelligence level in %. That means for example: "You have a score of 10%, that's not good !". Other, more professional, give a real wechsler format IQ level, the number we often refer to as the IQ score. In this case, we generally admit a score of 100 is the average. Our online intelligence test chooses this format.

Other services added
Some iq testing websites give more details about the IQ result by giving detailed analysis. Our online intelligence test is one of them.

Where to find other online intelligence tests ?

Not totally completed for the moment. We can find the most online intelligence tests on the web. Also, on periodical reviews and journal, you can find "on paper" IQ Tests.

Types of intelligence measured by online intelligence tests

Online iq tests will be able to calculate completely different variety of cleverness. We can count several kind of intelligence: Naturalist cleverness, Musical Intelligence, Logical-Numerical Thinking ability, Existential Cleverness, Social Intelligence, Intra-personal Intelligence, Body-movement Cleverness, Linguistic/verbal Thinking ability, Spatial Thinking ability. Mathematical necessary skills may be assessed with the help of problems created using numbers. To evaluate your linguistic competencies, we shall ask you to respond to verbal related questions. To take a look at your current spatial abilities, you possibly can resolve issues with photographs and a model in 3d. The online intelligence test will give you the ability to test several kinds of intelligence.

IQ: EQ(Emotional Quotient) definition | EQ Signification

EQ (Emotional Quotient) refers to the ability to understand, manage, perceive and assess his emotions and the emotion of others(empathy).It has been established that the people who have a higher EQ, are better in these competence areas: Self-control, Work in group, Self-confidence, Teamwork, Achievement Orientation and also the ability to feel the emotions of others (empathy).

IQ: The Components of Emotional Intelligence (EI)

The person here is able to recognize his emotions and his consequences, accurately, distinguish precisely his strengths and limits.

It's the ability to control one's emotions, to keep bad emotions in check.

Motivation (Entelechy)
It's a capacity to achieve excellence (not unhealthy perfectionism).

The definition of Empathy (also found in gifted people) is the ability to feel the emotions of others.

Social Skills (Relationship management)
We speak here about a lot of different competencies that make them to fit better in social situations. (Listening openly, Resolving issues quietly, Creating group synergy)

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